Global Sustainability Report: Honda Striving to be a Company that Society Wants

Global Sustainability Report: Honda Striving to be a Company that Society Wants to Exist – The CSR Journal



Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. The company adheres to a corporate culture of “Free and Open, Challenge, Co-evolution.” This means, in other words, “taking up challenges without fear of failure, unshackled by conventional thinking, and with a foundation of teamwork built on trust.”
Honda believes in achieving both the creation of growth opportunities for the Company and sustainable society. To enable both, the company has set ‘Striving to be a company that society wants to exist’ as its direction for the 21st century. It is also advancing initiatives known as “Creating the Joys,” “Expanding the Joys” and “Ensuring the Joys for the Next Generation.”
The company has set a “2030 Vision” as a milestone indicating in concrete terms the direction Honda ought to take toward realizing these objectives. For Honda to achieve sustainability, it is important to meet stakeholders’ expectations and needs by providing value through its products and services. Equally important is to fulfil its corporate social responsibility, for instance by considering its impact on the environment and society and to contribute to the resolution of social issues through its business activities. To this end, Honda devises medium- and long-term strategies that are based on the perspectives of both stakeholders and the company itself.

1. Honda’s 2030 Vision

The 2030 Vision formulated by Honda is expressed in the statement, “Serve people worldwide with the ‘joy of expanding their life’s potential’— Lead the advancement of mobility and enable people everywhere in the world to improve their daily lives.” To embody this Vision, the Company set the direction of its specific initiatives from three perspectives as action guidelines for the 21st century: “Creating the Joys,” “Expanding the Joys” and “Ensuring the Joys for the Next Generation.”
From the first perspective of “Creating the Joys,” Honda will work on “creating value for ‘mobility’ and ‘daily lives’.” The Company will focus on three areas, namely mobility, robotics and energy, as it seeks to provide people with the “joy and freedom of mobility” and “joy of making their lives better.”
From the second perspective of “Expanding the Joys,” Honda will strive to “accommodate the different characteristics of people and society.” In this area, the Company will seek to further expand joy by offering products and services that are optimized for all people reflecting different cultures and values and diverse societies, irrespective of whether they are in developed or developing nations.
From the third perspective of “Ensuring the Joys for the Next Generation,” the Company will make progress “toward a clean and safe/ secure society.” Striving to become No.1 in the areas of the environment and safety, Honda will invest more resources in these areas and will strive to become a company that leads efforts to realize a carbon-free and collision-free mobile society.
In this Vision, Honda has returned to its universal passion and made a major shift in its direction from quantity to quality. This is how the Company has set its corporate attitude to realize “growth through the…

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